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Makanika Dot Com - COVID-19 Note

Our world is currently faced with the Corana virus (COVID-19) pandemic. Like many countries, Uganda has taken several measures to contain the spread of the virus. Consequently, a number of business and individual operations have been largely paralyzed, country-wide.

We work with over 200 garages, spare parts dealers and towing (breakdown) trucks operators, some of these with at least 15 personnel, bringing the number of beneficiaries of our work to about 3000 people, without counting their family and business dependants e.g. the ladies who prepare meals and operate small kiosks around these garages. These have been earning a living through walk-in clients – motorists who need car repair and maintenance services, and those we send them through our mobile and web applications.

In his address on March 30, 2020 the President of Uganda ordered the closure of specific entities including garages, and a ban on movement of private vehicles which constitute a bulk of our clientele. While these and other measures are, without a doubt, for everyone’s safety, they present us as a company, like many others, with a direct challenge with regards to the livelihood of our partners.

Since the travel and business restrictions, this huge community has been hard hit, with no customers to serve. These people earn on a daily basis and therefore their livelihood is at stake. Through our own limited resources, we are unable to support them through the next couple of weeks.

We are strongly convinced that intervening in the following ways will be extremely helpful:

1. Allow a limited number of these garages, spareparts dealers and towing (breakdown) operators to provide repair and maintenance services for the vehicles that are currently allowed to travel like emergency public and private vehicles. In this way, we will enable some of them to afford a living while providing car repair and maintenance services to those who need them through this crisis. Arrangements can be made to ensure that they operate within the prescribed safety measures and that they are available when requested through our mobile and web applications, or an emergency phone line.

2. Provide them with direct relief items especially food and sanitary supplies until the outbreak is contained to ensure that they do not starve and are able to observe the critical health measures including maintaining hygiene.

3. Supporting our efforts to sustain ourselves and to recover from the effects of the outbreak, and to put these small businesses that we partner with back on their feet when the pandemic is gone or has subsided and restrictions are lifted. This will require direct cash investment, supporting our training efforts and enabling our partners to access our tech platforms, more reliably and conveniently.

We are cognizant of the fact that sustaining at least 3000 people for a couple weeks is no easy job. We will need at least USD 170,000 to meet the above goals. This is almost impossible for us to handle as a growing social enterprise, but we know that a joint effort would make it less strenuous. This is why we are appealing to the government of Uganda to support our efforts to lend a helping hand through the above proposed actions. We are also accepting support from individuals and corporate entities through the following channels:

Direct Bank Transfers to:

Account Name: Makanika Dot Com
Account Number: 2290550663
Bank: KCB, Forest Mall Branch

Swift Code: KCBLUGKA


Mobile money number: +256757400200

For further correspondence on this matter, we can be reached on email address or the above phone number.

Published on: 2020-04-01