Essentials To Carry In Your Car

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Essentials To Carry In Your Car

Some people’s boots are filled with odd and ends, and the occasional item to help them incase their car breaks down. Other people’s boots, though have nothing. These are people who do not want any kind of junk taking up any inch of space in their car. However, if you have ever been stranded on a highway you will understand the need to always have a few essentials in your car before you leave your house. These essentials might mean the difference between you spending hours on the road, waiting for help, and you arriving at your destination in time.

Spare tyre

This is a must, and it should be in good condition. You should also have a tyre jack and tyre iron in your car as well. Acquaint yourself with the use of all three because if you find yourself stranded in an area that is not easily accessible, you might have to change your tyre on your own. Use the jack to elevate the car, and then change the tyre.    

Jumper cables

In case your battery fails to start up for some reason or the other, you do not have to wait for every Good Samaritan passing by, in the hope that they will have some jumper cables to get you going. At least, they should find you ready with your cables to temporarily borrow electrical power from their car batteries.

Hazard triangle

You do not want to cause an accident due to negligence, so the hazard triangle will alert other drivers to the fact that your car is stranded at the side of the road. The triangle should be the kind that is reflective, especially at night.

First Aid kit

You do not have to buy a sophisticated and expensive kit. Create your own – it could be a small box where you place bandages, pain killers, antibiotics, and ointments to handle your minor medical emergencies and those of your passengers.  

High powered torch

Imagine you have to change your tyre or jump start your car in a stretch that does not have lights. That is a real possibility on our roads which do not have street lights. That torch will come in handy. It can also be used as a weapon in case of an attack.

Car phone charger

This is one of the most obvious essentials because the batteries on our smartphones are not made to last forever. You would not want to be caught in the middle of nowhere without any form of communication, especially if you are dealing with an emergency.

Essential contacts

Do you know the phone number of a good mechanic off head? You should also have the number of a breakdown service of the area in which you are. If you do not have any of these numbers, do not panic because the Makanika Dot Com app will come in handy. Just download the app and you will never worry about having contacts mechanics because you’ll receive help from the nearest garage by simply tapping a button.  

Water and a snack

It is prudent to carry a bottle of water in your car. Even if you are doing town rounds, if you are stuck in jam yet feed dehydrated, you do not have to get out of the traffic line to find the nearest shop. Store a few packets of biscuits in the car as well. On a long journey, they can keep you going until you get to a restaurant. A box of tissues is also a must.

Published on: 2018-09-05