Makanika Dot Com: a one-stop car centre

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Makanika Dot Com: a one-stop car centre

Picture yourself driving in a hurry to beat that traffic jam into the city on any given morning. All is going well until that funny sound your car is making penetrates your consciousness. Where can you find a genuine mechanic at such short notice?

In comes Makanika Dot Com, a Ugandan Tech start-up that connects motorists with faulty cars to mechanics in garages in Kampala and Entebbe. All you have to do is log onto the internet and download the Makanika Dot Com mobile app and be able to access the services anywhere you are. The idea for the app to help motorists who are stuck began in 2012, went down in 2013, and resumed in 2015 with more zeal and determination to succeed.

Inspiration behind the start-up

Michael Katagaya, co-founder, Makanika Dot Com, says what inspired him to start the company were the problems motorists were facing. “Entrepreneurs see problems that people face as opportunities. Many people around me were complaining about mechanics, saying they were cheats, and unreliable. They complained about how hard it was to locate a mechanic if they were stuck in a place they were unfamiliar with.”

Also, there seems to be no effort to organise and train mechanics in the merits of having excellent customer care. Seeing this as a free problem analysis, Katagaya began hatching the idea of a place where motorists could have all their vehicle repair and maintenance needs met. In the beginning, the start-up had only two staff members. Today, they are a team of nine.

Benefits motorists should hope for

One of the benefits motorists should expect is a fast, secure, and reliable service from professional mechanics from a network of garages in Kampala and Entebbe. “Motorists do not have to travel with their mechanics or ask them to take long journeys to where the car is stranded using bodabodas,” Katagaya says, adding, “Motorists will also get free information related to motor vehicles, such as, tips on car maintenance and other things to make their lives easier.”

Companies and organisations are also catered to in that the company has built a product to save them from the stress of managing vehicle maintenance.    

Future plans

After ensuring that all motorists in Kampala and Entebbe can access the best services from them, Makanika Dot Com will scale its services to cater to the rest of the country and the East African region. It targets to tap into and disrupt how automobile repair and maintenance service work, globally. Motorists should look forward to a totally new way of sourcing motor vehicle maintenance and repair services.

Published on: 2018-09-05